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Soroi Lions Bluff Lodge

Luxury Suite enveloped in the lush tapestry of the Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary and majestically set on a captivating hill, Soroi Lions Bluff Lodge beckons the astute traveler with its unique allure. This exquisite, Silver Eco-Rated retreat commands sweeping vistas of Kenya’s wild expanse, promising unforgettable encounters with the magnificence of Mount Kilimanjaro, the enchanting Taita Hills, the untouched Lumo Sanctuary, and the vibrant Tsavo ecosystem.

Home to twelve exquisitely designed luxury suites, Soroi Lions Bluff Lodge epitomizes an intimate and lavish wilderness stay. Here, our discerning guests indulge in unparalleled safari escapades and deep cultural immersions under awe-inspiring landscapes and the riveting spectacle of Kenya’s wildlife.

Embark on a journey with Soroi Lions Bluff Lodge, the ideal destination for families, couples, nature enthusiasts, photography aficionados, and honeymooners in search of tranquillity, awe, and a profound connection with Kenya’s majestic landscapes and diverse fauna.


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Luxury Suite

Each luxury suite is thoughtfully designed to be your sanctuary amidst Kenya’s stunning natural beauty. Immerse yourself in the exquisite balance of opulence and authenticity that defines our suites.

At the heart of each suite is a plush king-size bed draped in soft duck-down feather duvets, guaranteeing a serene night’s sleep. The suite includes an en-suite bathroom with an indoor and outdoor shower. Our bespoke organic soaps and care products, available for your use, are crafted with locally sourced ingredients to invigorate your senses and maintain a harmonious connection with nature.

A mini-fridge, tea, and coffee-making facilities are thoughtfully incorporated, ensuring your refreshments are always within reach. Enjoy the purest hydration with our filtered water station while we remain committed to sustainable practices.

The suite also offers a dedicated workstation, enabling you to stay connected with the world, even while immersed in the wild’s tranquillity.

Perhaps, the pièce de résistance of our luxury suite is the panoramic outside deck. Furnished with comfortable seating, it’s the perfect vantage point to soak in the arresting views of the vast Kenyan landscape. Whether sipping your morning coffee to the sunrise or star-gazing in the silence of the African night, this space promises moments of profound peace and connection with nature.

Luxury Family Suite

Our spacious and elegantly appointed Family Suites are perfect for families and larger groups. These suites are designed to create a homely ambiance amidst the exotic African wild.

Each Family Suite, like our Luxury Suite, features a plush king-size bed swathed in soft duck-down feather duvets in the main room, ensuring peaceful slumber after a day of exploration. An additional en-suite room with a Twin or Triple bed layout ensures everyone in your group enjoys a comfortable, private space.

Both rooms are equipped with en-suite bathrooms featuring indoor and outdoor showers. They are accompanied by our specially crafted organic soaps and care products, which connect you to the local environment even as they rejuvenate you.

A mini-fridge, tea, and coffee-making facilities are conveniently available in both rooms, keeping your preferred refreshments close at hand. We’ve included a filtered water station, providing pure hydration while aligning with our sustainable approach to the conservancy.

The suite also features a dedicated workstation, ensuring you stay connected with the outside world, all while surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Lumo Conservancy.

Each Family Suite boasts a panoramic outside deck, providing an unbeatable vantage point for the majestic expanse of the Kenyan landscape. It’s the perfect place for family gatherings, quiet reflections, or simply basking in the stunning views and thrilling wildlife spotting opportunities.


It's all in the details...

Sundowner Deck

Immerse in the tranquillity of an African sunset from our scenic deck. Enjoy fine wines and sweeping views in a serene setting.

Infinity Pool

Experience the perfect blend of luxury and nature. Dive into our Infinity pool, where refreshing waters meet the awe-inspiring African skyline.

Two Helipads

Elevate your safari adventure with our seamless aerial transfers. With two helipads, your unforgettable journey begins and ends in the sky.

Photographic Hide

For wildlife enthusiasts and photographers, our specially designed hide offers a unique vantage point for capturing nature’s raw beauty up-close.

Spa Treatments

Refresh your senses with our customized spa treatments. From traditional massages to holistic therapies, discover nature’s healing touch amidst the wild.

Cozy Lounge

Our lounge is a space of warmth and connection. Share your day’s stories, engage with fellow travellers or simply unwind in its inviting ambiance.


Enjoy the evening under the African sky with expertly crafted cocktails. Our resident mixologist presents innovative mixes for a memorable sundowner.

Italiano interattivo

Become a part of your culinary journey. Under our chef’s guidance, engage in the delightful process of crafting your own authentic Italian pizza.

Sommeliers Choice

Savor the world in a glass with our sommelier’s curated collection. Indulge in fine wines, handpicked to enhance your gourmet experience.


a Sneak Peak at our Activities


From the comfort of our open-safari vehicles, delve into the heart of the Lumo wilderness. Guided by our expert guides, you will encounter diverse wildlife, appreciate the vibrant ecosystems, and marvel at breathtaking landscapes. This immersive experience brings you up close and personal with nature’s drama.


Immerse yourself in the African bush with our escorted bush walks. Feel the thrill of close encounters with the wilderness, discover lesser-known species, and understand the intricate balance of nature. You’ll experience the African bush’s sights, sounds, and scents, unveiling the subtle nuances that define this incredible habitat.


Nestled within the natural environment, our photographic hide is a hidden sanctuary for photographers and nature enthusiasts. Offering an exclusive vantage point, capture mesmerizing wildlife photos in their most candid moments. It’s a captivating experience, whether you’re an amateur shutterbug or a seasoned photographer.


Participate in our community service initiatives, making a meaningful contribution to local development. Be a part of transformative projects and witness the power of community firsthand. It’s an opportunity to understand Kenya’s true spirit and resonate with our lodge’s values.



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