The Bluff's Tale
March 2023 Newsletter

Lions or Birds?

At Lumo Conservancy, there are multiple lions that dominate the region.

These majestic animals frequently make their way to Lions Bluff, where they quench their thirst at our photographic hide and entertain our awe-struck guests with their playful antics. Recently, during one of our game drives, a guide spotted a group of lions perched atop a shrub that had sprouted from a termite mound, enjoying their leisure time to the fullest.

Not only Lions

Elephants are another popular subject for wildlife photographers, thanks to their size and distinctive features. These gentle giants are known for their intelligence and complex social structures, and watching them interact with each other can be a fascinating experience.

Of course, lions and elephants are not the only animals that visited us this month. Baboons, Lesser Kudu and buffaloes are now coming daily. It is a privilege to capture images of each animal’s unique beauty and characteristics from such a close and advantageous angle.

News From The Hide

For many wildlife enthusiasts and photographers, there is nothing quite like the thrill of capturing stunning shots of wild animals in their natural habitat.

In recent months, there has been a lot of excitement among visitors to our photographic hide, as lions, elephants, and other animals have started to come and drink from Lions Bluff’s waterhole. This is a truly incredible experience for anyone lucky enough to witness it, as these animals are some of the most majestic and awe-inspiring creatures on the planet.

Lions are perhaps the most impressive of all, with their powerful builds and behaviour.

Our Watering Hole

In the Tsavo area of Kenya, a devastating drought has left many animals struggling to find water. The Lack of rainfall has left the rivers and watering holes dry, forcing wildlife to travel long distances in search of water. However, thanks to the efforts of Lions Bluff and CWC, a new waterhole has been constructed to help alleviate the suffering of the animals in the area.

The CWC and Lions Bluff team spent weeks digging and shaping the waterhole, ensuring that it was deep enough to hold a significant amount of water, yet shallow enough for the animals to be able to drink from it easily.

They also made sure that the waterhole was lined with a waterproof material to prevent the water from seeping into the ground.

Once the waterhole was completed, they added a few rocks around the edge to provide a comfortable spot for the animals to rest after drinking.

Not long after the waterhole was completed, animals of all sizes began to show up. Elephants, zebras, and various antelope species all came to drink from the waterhole.

The Lions Bluff lodge team continues to monitor it, making sure that it remains filled with water and that the animals have access to it. They also take steps to ensure that the area around the waterhole remains undisturbed so that the animals feel safe when coming to drink.

Magnificent Wildlife
was spotted in March at
our underground
Photographers’ Hide!

  • Lions
  • Bushbuck
  • Lesser kudu
  • Eland Zebra
  • Hyenas
  • Baboons
  • Elephants

The Wine Affair

We are thrilled to announce our new wine menu, which has been expertly curated to highlight some of the world’s finest wines, including African varieties.

With guidance from one of Kenya’s most renowned sommeliers, our team understands that the perfect wine pairing can take a dining experience from great to unforgettable. That’s why our new wine menu has been designed to complement our already impressive menu, ensuring that each sip and each bite enhances the other. 

Guests can choose from a wide range of wines, from crisp and refreshing whites to full-bodied reds. The menu features wines from regions such as South Africa, France, Italy, Argentina Chile and New Zealand, as well as some lesser-known gems from around the world. With such a diverse selection, there is something for every palate and every occasion.

So, whether you are looking for a refreshing glass of white wine to enjoy on the lodge’s stunning terrace or a bold red to pair with your dinner, we have you covered. 

Indulge in a glass or two and experience the flavors of the world while enjoying the breathtaking views and warm hospitality that we are known for.

Meet Sylvester

Meet Sylvester, our head chef who has been creating culinary magic in our kitchen since last December. Hailing from Machakos County, which is famous for its juicy watermelons and mouth-watering mangoes, Sylvester is a proud father of two.

Sylvester’s culinary skills are an absolute delight to our guests, who have been spoiled with his delicious and beautifully presented dishes. His passion for cooking knows no bounds, and he loves experimenting with different cuisines. However, he has a particular fondness for Indian cuisine, which he cooks to perfection.

When asked about his culinary inspirations, Sylvester’s eyes light up as he talks about his admiration for the renowned chef Gordon Ramsey. He aspires to be better than him someday, and we have no doubt that he has the potential to achieve it.

Sylvester’s creativity and attention to detail are evident in every dish he prepares. His commitment to using fresh, high-quality ingredients, combined with his excellent culinary skills, have made him a valuable addition to our team.

Culinary Delights - Farm to Fork

Lions Bluff and the Community

cwc - who we are?

Community Wildlife Conservation (The former Community Wildlife Fund) was founded during the Covid period and aims to create a positive impact to local communities through education, activities, women empowerment and support, whilst striving to protect Kenya’s last pristine Wilderness and Wildlife.

Community Wildlife Conservation (CWC) with the help of Lions Bluff and Kenyan local Industries, is constructing the first ICT centre in Bura, as part of our dedication to assisting the Taita community and local schools. When the project is finished, the ICT lab will be utilized by local teachers and international volunteers to impart knowledge to the youth in this challenging region of Kenya. In addition to providing access to knowledge for children, this project is also creating employment opportunities for local residents. This is a great benefit for the community, and we are glad to see that this project will be making a positive impact on our youth and children.

Let Us Drink

Chovu Lodge Ltd has decided to  Waterproof one of the dry waterholes in the Lumo conservancy due to the extended drought period, which has severely impacted the wildlife. This initiative aims to conserve water for a longer duration after the rainfall and provide animals with access to water.