Shetani Lava Flow & Mzima Springs

Mzima Springs are a series of four natural springs in Tsavo National Park, that produces an incredible 250 million litres of fresh water a day.
The source of the spring rises in the Chyulu Hills and provides the bulk of Mombasa’s fresh water.

Visit Lake Jipe

About one and half hours from Lions Bluff, in Tsavo West, lies this fresh water lake that borders Tanzania. A host to hippos, crocodiles and unique birdlife. A lake shared by two countries each with different economic values.
Since the Kenyan side of the lake lies in Tsavo West National Park, no fishing is allowed. Tanzania are allowed controlled fishing.

Indigenous Forests

Ng’ang’ao is a gazetted forest managed by the Kenya Forest Services. At 1,500m it is a true tropical rain forest with dense foliage and moisture, unique birds, like the Taita Thrush and butterflies. Take a guided walk through the dense jungle and enjoy what must be one of the last natural forests in Kenya. Visit the butterfly farm managed by the community, mainly the youth.

Climb Taita Hills

Climb the beautiful Taita Hills. Drive through lush, mountainous Taita where the climate is perfect and the views stunning over what is known to the locals as ‘ little Switzerland’. The highest, Vuria (2,300 meters above sea level), is easily identified by the mobile phone mast on top. It is possible to drive to this point. Eyale is lower and can only be climbed on foot. Walk through the farmlands and interact with the locals in their daily chores. About 45 minutes of steep walking from where you leave your vehicle, to where the view is panoramic.

Climb Kasigau

Mt. Kasigau is part of the Eastern Arch Mountains renowned for its endemic Flora and Fauna. A gazetted national forest topped with tropical forest, this3-hour ascent, 1641 meters above sea level, requires tough training shoes. Discover a World War 1 British encampment, with visible trenches and hideouts, identify rare trees and birds and enjoy learning as you ascend more about the culture of the local Taita people.

Lake Chala & The Farm Tour

Over an hours drive from the lodge, lies the only sunken crater lake in the region, which borders Tanzania. Myth has it, that it was the ungratefulness of the villages to welcome a Divine messenger in disguise of a sickly woman, resulted in the whole village sinking and water coming from the ground. It is revered as a traditional Taveta people shrine. Crystal clear water has fish species unique to this place, the Challa Tilapia. Encounter local people fishing and herding livestock. The land is very fertile and hence there are farmlands and villages surrounding the lake.

Sundowner Cocktails

Drinks and snacks (or ‘biting’s’ as they are called in Kenya) are served in a scenic location, as the sun slips below the horizon – typically between 6 and 7pm. The sun downer is an essential part of safari life and dates to the 1920’s and the great white hunters such as Bror Blixen and Denny’s Finch-Hatton, when elegant cocktails were served to guests watching the magnificent spectacle of an African sunset.

Ornithological Walks

With over 1,070 species of birds, Kenya has the second highest country bird list in Africa, while the area around Tsavo West boats 600 recorded species. Ranging from giant herons to tiny sunbirds, the diversity of African birdlife is startling in its colour and vibrancy. Additionally, the Lions Bluff area boasts a number of endemic species, such as the globally threatened Taita Thrush, Taita Apalis, Abbotts starling and the Southern banded Snake Eagle.

Night Game Drive

A uniquely specialised event, not normally permitted with the boundaries of the National Parks and Reserves, is a night game drive, the ultimate safari luxury experience. Leaving the Lodge either before or after dinner setting off to discover the creatures of
the night. Night is the exclusive domain of the hunters such as leopards and lions. It is the only time when you may catch a glimpse of such elusive nocturnal creatures as aardvark, aardwolf and Lumo’s melanistic serval cat.

Nature Trail around Lions Bluff

Of interest to all ages, our rangers especially enjoy teaching children the tracks, signs, insects and bushes around the Lions Bluff itself. Our resident Taita naturalist guide will teach you which roots &leaves are edible, which are used by the local people to put spells on your enemies. Examine spider nets, collect quartz rock or leaves to make a refreshing tea. Identify birds by their call and enjoy them in the bush.