Lions Bluff Lodge
Eco-friendly, Intimate and Exclusive


Lions Bluff Lodge

Secluded within its own 48,000-acre private conservancy, Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary, the beautiful high end eco-lodge enjoys stunning views !

An Intimate Experience
Secluded and exclusive, Lions Bluff features just twelve traditionally built rondavels, whose wildwood verandahs are suspended over one of Kenya's most stunning panoramas.
Weddings & Honeymoon
The lodge makes the ultimate wedding venue and can be booked in its entirety. Wedding ceremonies can be staged on the edge of the bluff, or in the surrounding wilderness.
Simplicity Incarnate
Overlooking the smoke-grey peaks of the Pare Mountains, and towered over by the legendary snows of Kilimanjaro, all the ensuite rooms enjoy huge panoramas.
Family Friendly
Lions Bluff enjoys children! However we ask that you ensure that your children do not disturb other guests or the wildlife. Bush walks within the confines of the lodge are especially popular with children. Our staff are very happy to show them the intricacies of nature and regale them with stories.
Climate Change
Lions Bluff enjoys a very different climate from the Coast of Kenya. It is chilly in the evenings and hot in the day, so bring plenty of layers of clothing.
Simply built from sustainable timber, the lodge features a safari bar, viewing terrace, and community handicrafts boutique. The central dining room has open sides, allowing for long views across the plains onto Mt. Kilimanjaro. An integral part of the surrounding community.
Conferences & Events
The lodge adapts well to corporate or conference events and our staff are proficient in all forms of event catering.


Below the lodge runs an ancient elephant migratory corridor, which links Lake Jipe in Tsavo West with the Galana River in Tsavo East. Here large matriarchal herds of dust-red elephant lead their offspring to wallow in the lodge’s waterhole.


Here too, descendants of the famous Tsavo lions breed amongst the rocky bluffs. No ordinary lions, these brave and highly intelligent lions are the descendants of a pair of notorious lions known as The Ghost and the Darkness. The killers of 30 workers on the so-called ‘Lunatic Express’ railway in 1898, these two man-eaters now stand in the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago and were lately the inspiration for a film also entitled ‘The Ghost and the Darkness’.


It was on these plains that one of the most eccentric campaigns of the first world war was fought. Here the British, led by General Jan Smuts, pitted their wits against one of Germany’s most charismatic generals; General Paul Von Lettow in a bizarre battle that featured fleets of Rolls Royces, blown-up railways lines, lack of men, lack of guns and a final surrender that came three months after the rest of the world had signed an armistice. Commemorated in the book ‘Shout at the Devil’ by Nevil Shute and later made into a film,  remains of this bitter and bloody war in the form of brass shell casings, medicine bottles and the detritus of war can be found in many sites near Lions Bluff. Several hundred soldiers are buried in the war cemetery of Warangu. Lions Bluff offered a panoramic vantage point in the first world war. Situated on Mashoti, literally ‘ many shots’ Hill the very name reflects its part in the action.


Lions Bluff offers one of the most diverse selection of activities available in Africa. One of the most highly-rated bird areas in the world, it offers unrivalled ornithology. Adjacent to the cloud forests of the Taita Hills, the area offers superb walking and unique biological discovery of its many endemic treasures. There are also ‘World War I Battle field’ tours, visits to enigmatic lake Jipe and Lake Challa, the unique Grogans Castle, guided nature walks and luxury breakfasts and sundowners in the bush. Immediately adjacent to Tsavo West, the Lodge also serves as a gateway to the Shetani Lava Flows, Mizima Springs Hippo Pools, the Chyulu Hills and the Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary of one of the largest national parks in the world. The beautiful Taita Hills, known as Little Switzerland, offer skull caves, waterfalls, stunning scenery and trekking through natural rain forests. For more details please check out our ‘activities‘ page.